Friday, November 7, 2008

Together Forever Does Not Always Happen

Green represents jealousey and envy they say,
Red represents great love, passion, and sex,
What color is for those who have no one?

Is it blue, which is depression and sadness?
Is it black, the color of complete darkness?
You could say lack of love is black and blue.

Not having someone to love and care for,
That could cause a deep depression I guess,
It could make the whole world seem dark.

I guess romance is often overrated by many,
You hear more about people's hearts breaking,
Infidelity, and divorce than of long lasting love.

In fact half of people who marry here divorce,
At least half, maybe more so love is hard for us,
Finding a true love can almost seem unrealistic.

Depression and darkness loom from a love lost,
Seems to be more realistic than together forever,
Yet we all hope for that each time we find someone.

Maybe one we will find prince charming or a princess,
Likely though we will think we have them and won't,
We will find ourselves chasing "love" for many years.

We think we can't be alone, because we will feel lonely,
We want someone to hold and to keep us company,
We want to be told we are ok just the way we are.

In actuality, we will end up hating "love" eventually,
Because it has brought us excrutiating pain everytime,
And the happiness it caused was too short, not forever. ♥

Perfectionism's Pipe Dream

The key to my personal perfection
Is that I do everything in life right.
This fights against human nature
A being of many flaws and vices.

Everyday, voices deep in my head
Ones of Perfection and my true nature
Fight a battle, one of wants and greatness
The longing to be forever flawless in all.

I fight between what's right and desire
Often desire mismatches with morality.
Despite it all, I still long to be perfect
Diligently I slave to be at my own best.

I compete against my often sinful nature.
I try to outdo my previous best each time.
I long to do the impossible, the unexpected
Although I know I can't do it all, I try anyway.

In my tireless efforts, errors often appear.
I panic each time, although it's unavoidable.
Anger builds a wall in me and pushes on me
In these times I pledge to do a better job.

At that point perfection needs to be present
That is all I care about in my everyday work.
Trying to get closer to 100% perfection
Although deep down I know it's unrealistic.

Maybe one day I can get a grip on my goals
Quit being so pushy and accept those failures.
I can start treating myself as I do everyone else
I can finally be a human being and not a machine.

The sight of a man’s pain from his observer

A sudden job loss is a financial burden that can be costly,It may be awhile before he sees that window of opportunity.

Having a dying mother can be painful and fill his world with sorrow,Between a lack of employment and this, its a wonder he’s not dead.

A man is stripped of his dignity in these trying times such as these,When a woman must step in and take care of him as he used to do.

I imagine he must feel depressed and lost, that he is one step away,One single step from losing all those things he has held dear to his heart.

Such desperate times can make a strong man as him bleed from his eyes,His heart scarred from all the trials and pain that he has seen and felt himself.

To top it all off, he is still expected to throw a wedding and be happy,Happy right now, are you kidding me not even mother theresa could do that.

With the wedding and schoolwork going on along side these tragedies,He would have to perfect in order to be happy and smile at the world.

Comfort and laughter are the farthest things from his life, a place close to hell,A place where his life that used to be bright like a starry sky has turned black.

Quickly his skies have become so cloudy and dark that one may wonder,If his world is coming to an end, are his skies ever going to clear again?

Will the sun rise and shine on his life once more or did it set for the last time?Will he be able to get past these things and become a much greater man?

Time will tell I guess whether he dies inside each day from his personal hell,Or if he will heal slowly and life will improve from the return of his optimism.