Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pushing past seeing negative

As I sit once again with a heavy heart,
I feel weighed down by my problems.
I am enclosed in a self imposed cage,
Created by the negative forces present.

Behind the insecurities and depression,
I know things of beauty and joy exist.
The good requires effort and searching,
I won't find any positivity by accident.

In order to see the true picture of life,
I must be willing to search and dig deep.
There is more than seen at first glance,
Like an iceberg floating in the ocean.

The tip is the obvious aspects of life,
Which at times appear to be negative.
Below the surface is a hidden beauty,
Covered up by the blight of darkness.

Life is more than my problems and I,
A multitude of others live in my society.
We all claim a common address here,
As human members of the planet Earth.

To retain humility and a sense of reality,
I must be in touch with good and evil.
Both reside within and outside of me,
The world is like a ying yang symbol.

I just want relief from the sadness,
Caused by my problems and issues.
Hopefully changing my prospective,
Can help rescue me from my prison.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fighting Through Life

Much has been altered,
Yet I am much the same.
Searching and yearning,
For something better.

My life can be better,
I am capable of more.
Much has changed here,
Yet didn't change enough.

I feel stuck spinning around,
Like on an endless cycle.
I can't get the motion to stop,
I still want more for myself.

I am not done striving for me,
No giving up without a fight.
Life may be fighting me like Ali,
But I will keep punching back.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Falling Into the Rabbit Hole

Everyday is another set of tasks for me to complete,
As I lose my motivation to wake up in the morning.
As I slay the deranged demons hanging over my shoulder,
More barriers, challenges, and criticisms appear.

Time is passing me by at an ever increasing speed,
it's beyond my control to slow down or stop time.
Despite having so many goals and ambitions,
I can feel individuals and situations crushing me.

I am putting up a fight and am shouting, screaming,
But I cannot stop the resistance and judgement.
Some things are beyond my control and reach,
However, I can manage my actions and reactions.

I am not a victim or a helpless child in this fight,
As I slave away to have a life worth living for.
I am worth living for and have much good in my life,
And despite its difficulties life always has something great.