Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Blues (A Poem of Loss)

The magic of Christmas is alive and well,
But my loss forms a storm cloud over me.
I feel sadness in my heart instead of joy.
Someone I once had and cherished is gone.

At a time when I should feel happy and free,
I am painting a smile on my face with lipstick.
I adorn my body with festive, bright clothes,
All while I mourn inside for what I loved.

I watch others with loved ones and envy them,
I miss her and wish I had her around longer.
She was taken away from me before her time,
Her life was cut shorter than any life should be.

I wish I could see them and get another chance,
See what kind of person she would grow into.
If I could change one thing this would be it,
For a life should never be taken away so soon.