Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Changes

This year I plan to be less distressed
This year I plan to be less worried
This year I plan to be myself always
This year I plan to live without regrets

I aim to be all I can be
I aim to be more outspoken
I aim to be honest to all
I aim to keep growing up

I resolve to be more healthy
I resolve to be much happier
I resolve to speak up for me
I resolve to love myself more

I will be a better person
I will be a stronger being
I will be myself unabridged
I will be living without fear

My life will be my own responsibility
My life will be a better place to be
My life is one I will live in each day
My life today is in my own hands

Today these changes begin
Today I can control what I do
Today I can be what I want to be
Today is the start of my life.