Friday, February 11, 2011

A Few Rambling Quotes From an Outsider


"If you think I am crazy, then bring on the straight jacket and the padded room." - Responding to those who think, say, or imply that I am crazy or insane.

"The world is full of crazy cryptic crap!" - Referring to the downfalls of society.

"Being like everyone else is for the brainwashed, brainless drones in our society." - Referring to MTV.

"MTV is all about conformists that drink and have sex on a constant basis. MTV is no longer Music Television" - My reason why I no longer like MTV.

" Why reason with the world when we cannot change their actions." - My response to people who think they can change other people.

"Changing ourselves must come from within." - My reply to friends when they ask how to change their lives.

"Keep your friends close by so that you can keep a close eye on your enemies." - What I try to do in order to keep myself safe and happy with my life.

"Happiness cannot not be bought at a store. Happiness comes from people around you, circumstances, and God." - My response to materialist people who think buying things will make their lives better.

"Materialism is fueled by the media which is the ultimate deceiver of truth". - My opinion on the media and materialism.

"The media and its antics are enough to drive anyone crazy" - My response to the media.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secret Beauty

There was once a girl who had an unusual appearance.
She had long, wavy hair as dark as a moonless night.
Her eyes were glowing green and held a big mystery.
There was a secret that this beautiful girl was hiding.

While she appears to strangers as someone ordinary,
Inside she was harboring a story filled with sorrow.
With this story was painful memories she tried to hide.
Ones that shaped her being right down to her soul.

She was secretly troubled and was hiding her demons.
Those very things she stashed away were seeping out.
Coming out without her own permission or consent.
This was as much a part of her as the things she said.

Now everyone was able to see her and all her flaws.
She was not as perfect as she appeared to be in public.
She was a flawed, sinful being just like the rest of them.
Out the surprising secrets came like a break in the dam.

This news about her surprised those surrounding her.
After the shock wore off they saw she was no better.
She was full of catastrophic mistakes just like them.
She was not so perfect and put together after all.

Despite her massive flaws, she was not shunned.
Stones and evil insults did not get thrown at her.
They did something she never expected them to do.
They all stopped to listen and got to know her better.