Friday, July 16, 2010

The Light

As I pass around the curvy bend,
I see a bright, yellow beam of light.
A visible aura of brightness is there,
For some reason this light is here now.

Here to show me many wonders,
and the beauty that exists in my life.
That one exists and cares about me,
As much as anyone else on this earth.

This light is warm and radiates,
Gently from the sky into my skin.
As I continue to walk along the path,
The bright light gets more intense.

I feel as if someone is here with me,
Even though I am walking alone.
As I come to a clearing with no trees,
I stop and kneel to pray in the light.

The dark clouds present in my soul,
Floated out of my body as I prayed.
The light of the sun filtered into me,
And filled my heart with pure joy.

My being is being showered with love,
The light is more than the shining sun.
This light is a sign of something more,
More than what my eyes can ever see.

Even when I am stuck in the darkness,
Someone still cares for me and loves me.
There is more to life than what I can see,
Someone created this earth for us all.

Now I am filled with this bright light,
And I am ready to share this delight.
Ready to go forth and spread my joy,
To be that light to others around me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Out of Here

As I look from the inside of my prison,
I see a big, scary world outside.
While I feel limited by where I am,
I feel safe and comforable here.

I long for the outside and its freedom,
But am afraid of the uncertainty.
I want to see how far I can push myself,
But I am afraid of being a failure.

Despite these fears, I need to break out,
I need to set myself free from this.
I need to at least try to overcome my fears,
Better to try than to keep saying what if!

I will break out of my own personal hell,
I can make it out of this place.
I am strong and full of womanly power,
My fears are not a helpful force.

Today, I am conquering every fear I have,
I will leave behind my worries.
Today I start living as myself without fear,
I am no longer afraid of the cost.

Living as a free, daring, and honest woman,
Is worth the price of judgement.
For the first time I am ready to face everyone;
No matter what they say to me!