Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Out of Here

As I look from the inside of my prison,
I see a big, scary world outside.
While I feel limited by where I am,
I feel safe and comforable here.

I long for the outside and its freedom,
But am afraid of the uncertainty.
I want to see how far I can push myself,
But I am afraid of being a failure.

Despite these fears, I need to break out,
I need to set myself free from this.
I need to at least try to overcome my fears,
Better to try than to keep saying what if!

I will break out of my own personal hell,
I can make it out of this place.
I am strong and full of womanly power,
My fears are not a helpful force.

Today, I am conquering every fear I have,
I will leave behind my worries.
Today I start living as myself without fear,
I am no longer afraid of the cost.

Living as a free, daring, and honest woman,
Is worth the price of judgement.
For the first time I am ready to face everyone;
No matter what they say to me!

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