Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Milestone Reflections

As continue to get older and time goes on,
I cannot help, but wonder what I have done.
Have I lived a productive, good life so far?
Am I living up to all that I can be right now?

I wonder if I will leave any marks on the world,
When my time comes to pass into the next life.
I have always wanted to make the world better,
Will I be able that or serve any good purpose?

So far I like to think that I do that in how I act.
I try to treat others the way I want to be treated.
While there are times I fail and become selfish,
I hope that overall what I do is helpful to others.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hate Is A Strong Word

I have always been told never to hate anyone; we can "dislike" them or think some of the things they do are wrong. Honestly I do not "hate" most people, but I think a person can have a few exceptions for those individuals who have shown them or the world nothing but evil towards others. Some appear to be out to get others and do not think of anyone except themselves. Making the lives of others miserable is their driving force in life and they thrive on the misery of others. Creating drama and making others upset gives them a reason for waking up in the morning and makes them feel better about themselves. So sad, but true that people like this exist. While I believe that most are not worth hating, these few individuals are worthy of being "hated".

I adore you all and I hope you keep these types of individuals out of your life as much as possible. They are truly toxic!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inside the Dark Curtain

Anxiety and isolation drape over me,
Like a heavy curtain over a window.
So dark and suffocating inside here,
That I can barely take a deep breath.

My senses are closed off from this;
I cannot see what others are doing.
I am so consumed by my own self,
That I cannot hear the cries of others.

All I can think about is getting away,
Escaping to a peaceful place alone.
This stress is eating me for breakfast,
Like a large, starved, ravenous beast.

Something needs to change now,
I feel frozen and stuck in my mind.
I am socially shy and incompetent,
Despite my often talkative nature.

I want to be extroverted in crowds,
But I am not and often run from them.
Anxiety and stress rule over my life,
I wish to stop this crippling cycle.

One day I will be in a social situation,
Without fear of rejection and ridicule.
One day I will just openly communicate,
Without someone pushing me to do so.