Friday, June 29, 2012


The fiery sun sets over the lush, green trees.
Fireflies flurry carelessly about the open fields.
Sparklers are lit for the small children to hold.
We impatiently wait for the feature presentation.

Fireworks have been promised to us on this day.
To ring in our day of freedom from the British.
Bursts of color illuminating the hazy, dark skies.
As the last bit of light from the sun vanishes away.

Shimmery, shiny lights dazzle the skies with beauty,
Every bit as beautiful as the freedom we all have.
Blue, gold, green, red, and other colors are seen.
They can be seen beyond the grassy,park's fields.

This annual tradition is a beautifully, bright display.
The next twenty minutes amaze the vast audience.
They watch attentively as the fireworks light the sky.
Bigger and grander the display becomes over time.

Then, we see a magnificant finale of several fireworks.
All of them shot off at the same time with a big bang.
This colorful, chaotic ending signifies the last chapter,
The conclusion of our thanks for our freedom in America.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life is Not Fair, But Life is Still Good

"Life is not fair" is a quote often used by parents to their children and by people in general. With recent events that have happened to a few of my friends as well as myself, I can see how this is an absolute truth. I see people who are working hard to become who they want to be. I see individuals that are saddled down by sudden tragedies and heartaches. Breaks my heart to see those I love be hurt by the cruelty of life and its difficult situations. I know "everything happens for reason" as another commonly stated quote says, but sometimes the explanation behind certain events is hard to find or digest. I want to see the good in everything, but sometimes I feel unable to find much good in a world filled with bad news and numerous unpleasant situations. That being said, I will not give up on life. Life contains some great experiences and I want to see what is next for me and for others in my life. I know things will eventually get better, they have to at some point. I have been through and seen plenty of tough times in my past. Somehow I eventually moved on from those events. Surely I can make it through this set of obstacles and cross the finish line as a victor of my own demons, situations, and emotional baggage. Even if I need outside help, I will overcome my own difficulties once again.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Observations About Death

Sometimes death comes gradually and is somewhat expected.
Other times, death comes over for an unexpected, terrible visit.
Death steals the lives of loved ones, enemies, and eventually us.
Unfortunately I often see the good ones die before the evildoers.

I wish that I could see death spare the good, right, and beautiful.
These individuals still have much to do when they are taken away.
Life leaves them quickly with unfinished business and dead dreams.
Often they could benefit from additional time to be alive and well.

However, you also see many who do evil and live despite everything.
Life treats them well despite their wishes to make others miserable.
They go out of their way to harm others and are selfish individuals.
They squander opportunities and waste their time on useless things.

Why do the good people of the world often die before the evildoers?
I would like to know a good reason to keep jerks from passing away.
I know everything happens for a reason, but I do not understand this.
Please start saving the good of the world and perish this residing evil.