Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life is Not Fair, But Life is Still Good

"Life is not fair" is a quote often used by parents to their children and by people in general. With recent events that have happened to a few of my friends as well as myself, I can see how this is an absolute truth. I see people who are working hard to become who they want to be. I see individuals that are saddled down by sudden tragedies and heartaches. Breaks my heart to see those I love be hurt by the cruelty of life and its difficult situations. I know "everything happens for reason" as another commonly stated quote says, but sometimes the explanation behind certain events is hard to find or digest. I want to see the good in everything, but sometimes I feel unable to find much good in a world filled with bad news and numerous unpleasant situations. That being said, I will not give up on life. Life contains some great experiences and I want to see what is next for me and for others in my life. I know things will eventually get better, they have to at some point. I have been through and seen plenty of tough times in my past. Somehow I eventually moved on from those events. Surely I can make it through this set of obstacles and cross the finish line as a victor of my own demons, situations, and emotional baggage. Even if I need outside help, I will overcome my own difficulties once again.

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