Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Gossip Mall

Come on busy bodies and nosy individuals!
Come on down to the Gigantic Gossip Mall,
A one stop shop for all your gossipping needs.

Here you will find rumors you think are true.
Silky scandals will be hanging on store racks.
A breaking news bulletin is blasted constantly,
Through our state of the art loud, sound system.

Anything you want to know about anyone is here,
Even what others would never want you to know.
No secrets are safe at the Gigantic Gossip Mall.

No one will judge you for having no life to live.
We all gossip and share rumors and secrets here.
All the cool kids come here and spread it around.
After all, life is one big high school filled with crap.

So come on down to our Gigantic Gossip Mall,
And get in on all the fun while news supplies last.
After all, what more do you have to do today!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gratitudes A to Z (and a Special mention to a Blogger)

Note: This post is inspired by Shar who writes at this blog below:

She has done some gratitude posts about her daily life which have inspired me to stop and think about everything I have in my life. Thank you Shar for making me stop and think about the good things in my life. So often it is easy to focus on the negative even when so many positive things are already in your life. I encourage you all to check out her awesome blog. My personal gratitudes of my current life are listed below:

Gratitudes (Things I am Thankful For in My Life):

Air to breathe and feel as I walk and run around outside.
Best friend who understands me and listens when I speak.
Computer for writing, do schoolwork, and so much more.
Drexel, the university which I attend and work at most days.
Earnings from my job which pay the bills and so much more.
Food to feed me physically and in so many other ways.
God to guide me and teach me how to be a better person.
Housing to keep me dry and protect me from the elements.
Iced coffee to keep me energized and for me to enjoy regularly.
Jeans that cover my bottom and make me feel good about me.
Kitties to keep me company even when I am home alone.
Love from others around me to keep me from feeling lonely.
Mother, who gave birth to me and raised me and my brother.
Niece and nephew who remind me how precious children are.
Organized shelves and closets. I like being able to find things.
Phone to keep me connected to those I love who are far away.
Quartz and other jewelry, especially earrings. Makes me feel pretty.
Rock music, I love the pounding beat, screams, and singing bands do.
Singing, it is a vocal medium which I can express myself through.
Television, it entertains me and helps me relax before I go to sleep.
Umbrellas to keep the rain from ruining my hair and wetting me.
Vibrant flowers which cheer me up when I see them outside lately.
Water to cleanse me from the dirt and quench my thirst each day.
X-rays and other medical equipment which check our health.
You all here, I love reading the comments people make on my blogs.
Zippers, which keep pants from showing too much to the world.

There are so many more things I love about life, this is just a snapshot of the things from A to Z that excite me about life at this point.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Killing the Negative and Throwing it Away Into the Graveyard

As I look into the dark, I can see my fears giving me evil death stares.
The "I can't do this" and "I am a loser" attitudes run rampant here.
I can see my failures waving at me and telling me to join them.
According to them I am worthless and should quit trying.
I tell them and all these fears to shut it up and leave me.
I throw them into their graves in the darkness below.
I cast them away from the light I have found here.
My present successes are not going away.
I am not going to let evil control me.
I will acheive my goals this time.
Nobody is going to stop me.
I am leaving the darkness.
Embracing the light.
Becoming me.
Only me.