Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Name is Deadly Disease

I slowly sneak inside of you under the radar.
I tresspass past your body's best defenses.
I seem as harmless as the common cold at first.

However, I am a dangerous and painful being.
Slowly I will seep in and take over your body.
I sneak into you undetected in the beginning.

One by one, each organ gets a taste of me.
As I take over your entire mind and body.
Then I start to strike you from your insides.

You fight back, but I refuse to surrender.
I fight with you like we are in a world war.
This is me versus you and I am going to win.

I will make you bedridden in the hospital bed,
So that I can fight without you moving around.
My goal is to kill and destroy like a hurricane.

I don't care if you are loved by friends and family.
I don't care if you are not ready for your death.
Doesn't matter if you are a newborn or an adult.

No matter what, I will conquer and win you over.
I will take your life and throw you into your grave.
I need you and I cannot live without your body.

I use you as my food until your strength is gone.
I say goodbye to you when you pass away.
Then I go on and destroy those I know I can kill.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Updates About My Life

Here is a growing list of reasons I have not been blogging much:

1. I was taking a very hard class that finished last week (I am a part time student that will be going full time in the fall so that I can finish my BS degree in Business Administration in March of 2013). I also work full time.
2. I am dealing with a number of bad events with my family as well as my husband's family, I will detail these below so I can let these worries of mine out somewhere.
2A. My mother in law is in the final stages of lupus and has to get risky surgery to remove clots in her legs in the coming weeks.
2B. My mother is remarrying for the third time by later on this year to a guy I have only met once. He barely spoke to me and also my mother has only been divorced since last March and got engaged on Christmas Eve. While I want my mother to be happy, I feel conflicted about this guy and hope he doesn't take my mother away from me and my biological brother as well as my two step siblings from her second marriage. I don't hear from her often anymore and don't have a strong relationship with my mom. The poem I wrote about my mother here not too long ago spells out a lot of why this relationship is weak at this point. I also will be getting a nine year old stepsister from this new marriage whom I have never met.
2C. My older step-brother was recently diagnosted with HIV, possibly full blown AIDS and isn't doing so well. I found out a few days ago from my stepdad that his medicine is having negative side effects on him. He has been in the hospital at least twice since Christmastime for Pnemonia and I am concerned that I will lose the one person who somewhat understands me in my family. I hope he can get meds that help him live longer and in less pain soon. I am considering doing the AIDS walk in town in honor of him this year.
2D. A few months ago I had a miscarriage and that has made me evaluate what I am meant to do right now and what actually matters to me.

I know this is confusing and probably whiny sounding. I just needed to get this out somewhere since I am going crazy lately and have major writer's block when I try to write here. I hope to get that outlet open again and write more soon even if my writing is different from what it has been. Thank you all for following this blog and understanding why I have not been here. I hope to allow myself to post more freely now and to be here now and then.