Friday, December 17, 2010

My Trip Into Another Life

Down into the darkness from the light I go,
As the painted sunset disappears from the sky.
It's not quite dark yet, but also not quite light.

Somewhere in between is where I dwell now,
Daylight can no longer be chased by me today.
Now the noctural are awaking from their lairs.

I feel unsettled here in the dusky skied forest,
As the creatures of the night start their day.
I wish to escape, but curosity keeps me here.

I see a female creature with skin like snow.
Her lips look like they are painted with blood.
She appears eerily beautiful and dangerous.

I am afraid, yet I cannot get my legs to move,
Too deep in the forest and the snow to leave.
She comes closer and closer to my mortal body.

Swiftly she moves, as if she is a train or a plane;
She is faster than I can ever be on my two feet.
Quickly she comes to a halt right in front of me.

I feel my life in danger in front of this dark girl,
Little did I know that I was about to be reborn.
The transition into my second life was that night.

As she touched my long, thin, unblemished neck,
And she began to sink her teeth into the right side.
She made her distinct mark and took some blood.

No wonder her lips were crimson even in the night,
She was a vampire and she had come to feed tonight.
I soon fainted from the blood loss and she stopped.

Hours, maybe days later I woke up in a strange house,
One that looked like a dark version of the victorian era.
I saw in the mirror that I now had the same pale skin.

I knew I was no longer the same as I was immediately;
My life was changed forever by that one moonlit walk.
I was now like the fair maiden in the night I discovered.

I was a vampire too and for some reason I was chosen,
Rather than just fed on like so many she bit in the night.
Thankful to be alive I started my life with my maker.