Monday, September 26, 2011

A Falling Progession of Haiku's

Many yellow leaves
Falling from the trees onto the road
Fall is beginning

Large pumpkins are ripe
Time to carve Jack-o-lanterns
Down at the pumpkin patch

Pumpkins are on the porch
Ghosts and goblins are in the streets
Halloween is here

Now leaves are brown
The last leaf is rapidly falling
Trees are almost bare
Food is piling up
Time to enjoy the hefty harvest
Winter is coming
Lights glow from houses
Cookies are fresh from the oven
Christmas is coming

Presents are under the tree
Family spends time together
Christmas came today

Snow fiercely falls down
Littering the icy ground with snow
Fall became winter

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paralyzing Perfection

The need for perfection keeps me from going for my goals.
Fear of criticism binds my body like I am being held hostage.
Criticisms have stolen my breath and turned me into a coward.

Why do I allow "it" and self imposed negativity to control me?
Why do I let these nasty parasites stop me from moving on?
The past is the past and what has happened is ancient history.

I am a legal adult with a job, schoolwork, bills, and a full life.
Yet I act as though I am a child that has to answer to others.
My present suffers from my self imposed, paralyzed free will.

Perfection is impossible for a mortal human to achieve in life,
Yet I keep trying to be a superwoman in everything that I do.
I feel I must always keep balance of my stuffed tray of duties.

I need to relax and just settle for doing my best in everything.
Life is meant to be enjoyed while giving it all that you can.
I would never ask others to push themselves the way I do.

In fact, I would advise a friend to be easier on themselves,
If they punished themselves the way I often do in many ways.
Why don't I follow my own advice and settle for my best?