Friday, September 23, 2011

Paralyzing Perfection

The need for perfection keeps me from going for my goals.
Fear of criticism binds my body like I am being held hostage.
Criticisms have stolen my breath and turned me into a coward.

Why do I allow "it" and self imposed negativity to control me?
Why do I let these nasty parasites stop me from moving on?
The past is the past and what has happened is ancient history.

I am a legal adult with a job, schoolwork, bills, and a full life.
Yet I act as though I am a child that has to answer to others.
My present suffers from my self imposed, paralyzed free will.

Perfection is impossible for a mortal human to achieve in life,
Yet I keep trying to be a superwoman in everything that I do.
I feel I must always keep balance of my stuffed tray of duties.

I need to relax and just settle for doing my best in everything.
Life is meant to be enjoyed while giving it all that you can.
I would never ask others to push themselves the way I do.

In fact, I would advise a friend to be easier on themselves,
If they punished themselves the way I often do in many ways.
Why don't I follow my own advice and settle for my best?

1 comment:

dys·func·tion said...

Because it's easier to take pity on others than on ourselves?

You are amazing. Embrace it.