Monday, February 11, 2013

Growing Up

I remember being a young, innocent child,
Optimistic, happy, and full of imagination.
While playing I would envision my future,
A life that would be everything I wanted.

Slowly I grew into a depressive teenager,
My optimism was crushed by a harsh reality.
My dreams were replaced with nightmares,
I no longer could see past the grim present.

As I continued to grow into a young woman,
I saw the world for what was wrong and unjust.
Seeing the good in life seemed impossible,
All I could see was abuse, pain, and sadness.

I searched to see if I could find any good here,
and surprisingly beneath the dirt was some good.
Finding my optimism was a challenge that I met,
I had to grow up and look past the negative events.

Finally as a adult I could see the reality of society;
Good exists, but we cannot ignore the evil events.
Life is a balance of the sadness and joy we feel,
Dreams do not have to become extinct as adults.

I can still envision a happy future and be realistic;
I am not doomed just because real life is imperfect.
I will not give up on finding treasure under this crap;
My life is not over and I still have dreams to live out.