Friday, July 8, 2011

Feathers Of A Different Color

My feather is wild colored, narrow, and long.
My colors are not normally found in nature.
I am dyed, groomed and worn to perfection.

I am as uniquely patterned as a snowflake.
No two feathers are identical to each other.
Some are solid and others are patterned.

Some come from birds, others are manmade.
We all are our own beautiful image to behold.
Even when we are not considered trendy.

Whether feathers are in or not, we are still there.
Fishermen use us to help lure fish onto their lines,
Others wear us as accessories with their outfits.

Only the most beautiful prized ones are chosen.
The rest of us "rejects" are thrown into the trash.
All the pain of being plucked from birds useless.

No one stops to think where we really come from.
We help keep the birds warm and with their flying.
Many birds die when we are forced off of them.

Think some before wearing me or using me again.
I am more than just a feather to be used by you.
I am also something that the birds need to live.