Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Personal Quote For 2009

This is my year of change, I can either embrace the changes or try to run away from those changes. I am choosing embrace the changes around me and within me and to grow from those changes.

Been Away From Here

Away like the deadbeat Dad I have been,
Without a care to those who are here.
I snuck away in the night unnoticed,
While others were sound asleep.

I tried to start over as someone better,
However my baggage followed me.
My problems are still with me today,
As much as I have changed since then.

I guess the saying is an absolute truth,
"You can't run away from your problems".
They followed me here and I want to run,
Run away from those things once again.

I miss the good things I ran from last time,
I am going back to those things I loved.
This proves I cannot run to escape my pain,
I must stay and fight like a strong warrior.

I am going back to where I used to be,
Going to face those I used to be around.
Time for me to act as a responsible adult,
And face everything around me like I should.