Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Familar Reflection

She is looking in the mirror
And sees something familar.
She sees a face staring back
And wishes she was happy.

Her body is obviously healthy
Fit and wonderfully made;
You can tell she works hard
And cares about many things.

Her mind is always thinking.
She is always pondering,
Wondering how to improve,
Upon what she already does.

Her face shows these thoughts,
Thoughts of others and worries,
That completely consume her mind,
and leave her wondering why.

Why she is not happy with herself.
Why she always wants to do more.
Why she worries for nothing.
She wonders aimlessly without a home.

Her mind is like her own prison,
One that is never truly free,
Never free to be herself
or to have her own thoughts.

She knows that needs to change,
But fear holds her back from this.
The judgement of others rules her,
questions and comments matter.

While she is a working adult,
She still obeys others like a child.
She allows others to matter too much,
She gives her own self no attention.

Now she decides to change,
Since the depression is too great.
That reflection in the mirror,
Is going to be more accurate.

Her insides will be her true self,
Just like her outsides already are.
She is good, right, and beautiful,
And she finally knows that she is okay.