Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Name is Deadly Disease

I slowly sneak inside of you under the radar.
I tresspass past your body's best defenses.
I seem as harmless as the common cold at first.

However, I am a dangerous and painful being.
Slowly I will seep in and take over your body.
I sneak into you undetected in the beginning.

One by one, each organ gets a taste of me.
As I take over your entire mind and body.
Then I start to strike you from your insides.

You fight back, but I refuse to surrender.
I fight with you like we are in a world war.
This is me versus you and I am going to win.

I will make you bedridden in the hospital bed,
So that I can fight without you moving around.
My goal is to kill and destroy like a hurricane.

I don't care if you are loved by friends and family.
I don't care if you are not ready for your death.
Doesn't matter if you are a newborn or an adult.

No matter what, I will conquer and win you over.
I will take your life and throw you into your grave.
I need you and I cannot live without your body.

I use you as my food until your strength is gone.
I say goodbye to you when you pass away.
Then I go on and destroy those I know I can kill.


dys·func·tion said...

I hesitate to mention how beautiful this poem is, because I know that it is most likely inspired from somewhere.

It gives a great image of how ghastly and destructive diseases are.

Well written.

dljohnson19128 said...

Wow Rae, nice work- very true and very heartfelt- I appreciate you just for having the courage to writing this.. :)