Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Killing the Negative and Throwing it Away Into the Graveyard

As I look into the dark, I can see my fears giving me evil death stares.
The "I can't do this" and "I am a loser" attitudes run rampant here.
I can see my failures waving at me and telling me to join them.
According to them I am worthless and should quit trying.
I tell them and all these fears to shut it up and leave me.
I throw them into their graves in the darkness below.
I cast them away from the light I have found here.
My present successes are not going away.
I am not going to let evil control me.
I will acheive my goals this time.
Nobody is going to stop me.
I am leaving the darkness.
Embracing the light.
Becoming me.
Only me.

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dys·func·tion said...


I hope that these words are true. <3