Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Ode to Coffee, My Friend and My Lasting Addiction

Oh coffee how you keep me going everyday,
Let me count the numerous ways you help me.
When I must be awake and feel beaten to death,
You power me and revive me with your energy.

Through the spin cycle of school and work,
You keep me alive through everything that I do.
Without you I would not have the energy I need,
I crave you each morning and "sleepwalk" to you.

My nights of inadequate sleep are made easier;
Thanks to you I can complete my tiring tasks.
I thank you for guiding me these last few years.
You are more than a cup or three that I drink.

You also are my last remaining addiction I have.
As a lifetime addict to some substance or thing,
I drink you even on days I am simply at home.
I enjoy and crave your taste, smell, and affect.

I get a headache when I wait too long for you,
I feel too sleepy without your thunderbolt jolt.
I sometimes have trouble winding down at night,
If I drink you too late or too much during the day.

I have to have at least one cup to get through it all,
But I have days where I drink more than I should.
You power over me is as strong as one to a friend.
You get me through every task that I do each day.

I tried to quit before, but then I feel tired and icky.
I also feel the pull to do worse things to get the high.
So I keep you around to keep me straight and clean.
Thank you for being there through these long days.

For now I plan on keeping you around everyday,
No plans to take you out of my morning routine.
I will try hard to limit my cups of you each day.
I am not ready to let go of your jittery energy.


dys·func·tion said...


I agree thoroughly, and the worst part of it all is that I ran out of coffee Thursday night, and the grocery stores were closed for Easter weekend, and now (without a car) I haven't made it there yet.


Rae said...

Wow, that really sucks! I hope you make it to the store soon and can get coffee and everything else you and your family needs.

Shar said...

I've drank coffee before when I used to work a third shift job but I never got addicted... I only drank it on the days that I didn't get any sleep before going in... I always added lots and lots of sugar! :) But since there's no more third shift (stay at home mommy now) there's no more coffee for me...

Hope you're having a great week!!!

XO Shar!