Friday, June 29, 2012


The fiery sun sets over the lush, green trees.
Fireflies flurry carelessly about the open fields.
Sparklers are lit for the small children to hold.
We impatiently wait for the feature presentation.

Fireworks have been promised to us on this day.
To ring in our day of freedom from the British.
Bursts of color illuminating the hazy, dark skies.
As the last bit of light from the sun vanishes away.

Shimmery, shiny lights dazzle the skies with beauty,
Every bit as beautiful as the freedom we all have.
Blue, gold, green, red, and other colors are seen.
They can be seen beyond the grassy,park's fields.

This annual tradition is a beautifully, bright display.
The next twenty minutes amaze the vast audience.
They watch attentively as the fireworks light the sky.
Bigger and grander the display becomes over time.

Then, we see a magnificant finale of several fireworks.
All of them shot off at the same time with a big bang.
This colorful, chaotic ending signifies the last chapter,
The conclusion of our thanks for our freedom in America.

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