Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Observations About Death

Sometimes death comes gradually and is somewhat expected.
Other times, death comes over for an unexpected, terrible visit.
Death steals the lives of loved ones, enemies, and eventually us.
Unfortunately I often see the good ones die before the evildoers.

I wish that I could see death spare the good, right, and beautiful.
These individuals still have much to do when they are taken away.
Life leaves them quickly with unfinished business and dead dreams.
Often they could benefit from additional time to be alive and well.

However, you also see many who do evil and live despite everything.
Life treats them well despite their wishes to make others miserable.
They go out of their way to harm others and are selfish individuals.
They squander opportunities and waste their time on useless things.

Why do the good people of the world often die before the evildoers?
I would like to know a good reason to keep jerks from passing away.
I know everything happens for a reason, but I do not understand this.
Please start saving the good of the world and perish this residing evil.

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