Friday, November 7, 2008

Perfectionism's Pipe Dream

The key to my personal perfection
Is that I do everything in life right.
This fights against human nature
A being of many flaws and vices.

Everyday, voices deep in my head
Ones of Perfection and my true nature
Fight a battle, one of wants and greatness
The longing to be forever flawless in all.

I fight between what's right and desire
Often desire mismatches with morality.
Despite it all, I still long to be perfect
Diligently I slave to be at my own best.

I compete against my often sinful nature.
I try to outdo my previous best each time.
I long to do the impossible, the unexpected
Although I know I can't do it all, I try anyway.

In my tireless efforts, errors often appear.
I panic each time, although it's unavoidable.
Anger builds a wall in me and pushes on me
In these times I pledge to do a better job.

At that point perfection needs to be present
That is all I care about in my everyday work.
Trying to get closer to 100% perfection
Although deep down I know it's unrealistic.

Maybe one day I can get a grip on my goals
Quit being so pushy and accept those failures.
I can start treating myself as I do everyone else
I can finally be a human being and not a machine.

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