Friday, November 7, 2008

The sight of a man’s pain from his observer

A sudden job loss is a financial burden that can be costly,It may be awhile before he sees that window of opportunity.

Having a dying mother can be painful and fill his world with sorrow,Between a lack of employment and this, its a wonder he’s not dead.

A man is stripped of his dignity in these trying times such as these,When a woman must step in and take care of him as he used to do.

I imagine he must feel depressed and lost, that he is one step away,One single step from losing all those things he has held dear to his heart.

Such desperate times can make a strong man as him bleed from his eyes,His heart scarred from all the trials and pain that he has seen and felt himself.

To top it all off, he is still expected to throw a wedding and be happy,Happy right now, are you kidding me not even mother theresa could do that.

With the wedding and schoolwork going on along side these tragedies,He would have to perfect in order to be happy and smile at the world.

Comfort and laughter are the farthest things from his life, a place close to hell,A place where his life that used to be bright like a starry sky has turned black.

Quickly his skies have become so cloudy and dark that one may wonder,If his world is coming to an end, are his skies ever going to clear again?

Will the sun rise and shine on his life once more or did it set for the last time?Will he be able to get past these things and become a much greater man?

Time will tell I guess whether he dies inside each day from his personal hell,Or if he will heal slowly and life will improve from the return of his optimism.

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