Friday, November 7, 2008

Together Forever Does Not Always Happen

Green represents jealousey and envy they say,
Red represents great love, passion, and sex,
What color is for those who have no one?

Is it blue, which is depression and sadness?
Is it black, the color of complete darkness?
You could say lack of love is black and blue.

Not having someone to love and care for,
That could cause a deep depression I guess,
It could make the whole world seem dark.

I guess romance is often overrated by many,
You hear more about people's hearts breaking,
Infidelity, and divorce than of long lasting love.

In fact half of people who marry here divorce,
At least half, maybe more so love is hard for us,
Finding a true love can almost seem unrealistic.

Depression and darkness loom from a love lost,
Seems to be more realistic than together forever,
Yet we all hope for that each time we find someone.

Maybe one we will find prince charming or a princess,
Likely though we will think we have them and won't,
We will find ourselves chasing "love" for many years.

We think we can't be alone, because we will feel lonely,
We want someone to hold and to keep us company,
We want to be told we are ok just the way we are.

In actuality, we will end up hating "love" eventually,
Because it has brought us excrutiating pain everytime,
And the happiness it caused was too short, not forever. ♥

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