Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Me, Myself, and I, a Response to Those Who Want Me To Be Like Them

Me: Why is this girl yelling at me to stop being so wierd and giving me the death stare?
Myself: Maybe I did something that made her mad.
I: She must be a brainwashed conformist who only likes people who are exactly like her.

Me: Hmm, good point I. Not everyone appeciates my point of view.
Myself: Maybe I should apologize to her and say that I am sorry that I offended them.
I: Who cares what she thinks. What does she know about me and who is she to judge me?

Me: Myself needs to be more sure of themselves. I don't expect her much less most people to understand or accept me.
Myself: I just don't want to offend her or anyone else.
I: Being different means some are going to be offended when you are simply being yourself. Personally I think she is a brainless moron who does not like anyone who is not like exactly like her.

Me: No kidding, some are just offended by anything that they do not understand. Honestly I don't care what she thinks, I just wonder why she has to yell at me rather than talk rationally to me.
Myself: This is getting too confrontational, I am going to get going now. See you all in another part of the mind.
I: Me, lets just tell her what we think of her shallow, drone-like ways and then never speak to her again. We don't need negativity and nasty words from these fools.

Me: I, that sounds like a plan. She can go somewhere where darkness lurks around her and causes her to get lost. I hope someone does this to her one day, so that she can understand what it feels like to not be accepted.
I: Lets go grab a snack and hang out with those who get who we are, the few that exist.

Me: Okay, I will call myself and see if she wants to tag along.
I: That would be fantastic.

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dys·func·tion said...

Brilliant! I often have these conversations with myself. My 'myself' also wishes to please everyone, I hate to offend or be judged.

Stupid other people.