Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stopping the Shallow Judgements

Many people are walking around our neighborhoods.
They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.
Most of them are perfectly decent, caring people,
Yet we judge many of them based on their appearance.

Often we hear people call someone fat, anorexic, tall,
short, weird, a freak, crazy, and all sorts of other insults.
We also judge individuals for simply being themselves
Honestly, we are all to be unique and not like anyone.
We are not clones manufactured in a factory by machines,
We are creatures handcrafted by the universe’s creator.
So tired of these petty, shallow judgments made by others.

One should not be made fun of for being who they are.
Teasing one for their differences is like being in denial,
Denying that we are not the same as the person on TV.

Lets go back to looking at others based on how they act,
And the deeds they do for themselves as well as other people.
Appearances should not be a factor when choosing friends,
It matters how people treat us everyday, not how they look.

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