Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Do I Really See?

I see a being with many imperfections,
Someone who always needs to change.
I am like a puzzle with missing pieces,
Who is not completely put together.

No matter what I do with my life,
What I do is never enough for me.
Even though I work hard and study,
I often feel I could be doing more.

I could help others in need sometime,
Pay someone who is elderly or sick a visit.
I could take more classes to get smarter,
I feel like I often act in my life as a moron.

Why do I accept others for who they are,
While I cannot accept who I am inside?
I constantly push myself to look prettier,
Be nicer, work harder, and do better.

For myself I accept nothing but perfection,
While I treat everyone else as a human being.
I act as if I don't deserve to be simply be human,
I must be something more to be good enough.

While secretly I know that I cannot be perfect,
A part of me holds hope that someday I will be.
I need to let go of these unrealistic expectations,
So I can accept myself and fully love myself again.

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