Thursday, August 5, 2010

In Memory of the Remaining

For some reason we are still living here,
While others we have loved are gone.
Our memories for them still live inside,
While physically they are no longer here.

We are as strong as an expert weight lifter,
As we hold on to these bittersweet memories.
We are learning to live without them,
We are trying to move on without them.

For we cannot live in the past that we formed,
We must live in the present where we are.
What's done is done; they really are gone,
And we must accept what has happened.

Nothing that we can do can change the past,
We must accept the present and move on.
We can live without the ones that have died,
And we can learn to live without them now.

We can make new and marvelous memories,
That will help us enjoy our present and future.
Let's move on from these tremendous tragedies,
Let's honor the dead we adored by loving life.

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