Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Can't Help You Unless You Want Help

I see your fragile, small body in front of me,
Beaten down, wrecked, and attacked.
Drugs, sickness, and time have drained you;
I am not sure how much more you can take.

I worry daily about your safety and well being,
I don't want you to die at such a young age.
I am not much younger than you are right now,
And I know that I am not ready to pass away.

I keep trying to save you from your demons,
But I know that I cannot save you from this.
Unless you want to escape your addictions,
You will never get better or obtain your dreams.

There are many hidden talents locked in you,
Deep inside you have skills I can only dream of.
I wish you would use them and not abuse them,
You are wasting what has been given to you.

 It is not too late for you to overcome your vices,
Not too late to turn your life into something great.
You don't have to be the helpless victim anymore,
We are now adults that control our own destiny.

I want you to be able to see what I see in you,
You are someone special to me, an old friend.
You are one of my greatest allies that I have,
I am not ready to let go of what can be for you.

I will never quit fighting for you as long as you live,
Despite these mistakes your life's has not concluded.
Please seek help with dealing with your vicious vices,
I have had to go seek help in my own darkest hours.

Your getting help is not a sign of weakness to me,
Doing this is the ultimate sign of power and strength.
While I cannot force you to get the help you need,
I can support you while you do this for yourself.

I just want you to know that I will always love you,
No matter what happens you are still my friend.
While I am pleading for you to get clean and sober,
I can't help you unless you want to change your life.


dys·func·tion said...

I hope he gets help.

Rae said...

Thanks, I hope so too. So far, that has been a big fail. I am working on seeing that I have done what I can and he has chosen to not do anything about his problem.