Friday, October 21, 2011

Goodbye "Friend"

Like a swarm of maggots over the trash,
Your hateful lies have eaten me alive.
I can't handle your misery anymore.

You always find my secret hiding place,
Whenever I try to escape your evilness.
Your schemes are as lame as daffy ducks.

Your immature ways no longer scare me.
I am ready to face your rentless, ruthless wrath.
You are more cowardly than the cowardly lion.

My pity for you is dry like a deserted desert,
My trust broke when the mob showed up on my doorstep.
My trust should have broke when the rumors started.
I was decieved by your stupid lies,
I thought to myself, my friend would never pass rumors.
For the longest time, I defended you.

Even as it became more obvious,
I still stood by your side and stayed your good friend.
Without proof, why would I ever blame you?

You played me as a pawn in your game,
If you were ever my friend you would have told the truth.
Rumors and lies are never the answer.

You told lies about people I love;
Terrible lies that made me look weak and stupid.
Until the suits came, I had no real proof.

Lucky for me them showing up gave me a sign,
A sign that you were behind all these things.
Everyone told me they didn't send them over.

Other than them, only you could send them.
By deduction, there was my proof of your guilty verdict.
That ended our friendship forever.

I am not headed for a divorce;
My husband has NEVER raised a hand to my skin.
I also am stronger than you think.

These actions are why I am not your friend,
While I should have confronted you about this,
I was too hurt to even face you.

I was upset about losing you,
But I could not condone your disgusting lies.
Real friends never hurt their friends this way.

This is my way of saying goodbye to you.
While I miss you, I am better without you.
Time for me to move on and find real friends.


Leah (The Kind Weight Watcher) said...

WOW, this is a powerful piece!

I can really feel the emotions coming through the page.

dys·func·tion said...


Amazing piece Rae.

It is great strength to leave someone behind you when it is best for you.