Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A non-poetic post

Hello fellow readers! I thought I would take the time now to explain about this blog. Especially now that I know others are reading what I write here.

I write this modern style poetry here in addition to in private to express myself. Since I am a perfectionist, I do heavily edit before posting to ensure good quality posts.

What I write about is based on what I have been through and what I have seen in my lifetime. As someone who is guarded to almost everyone in real life, poetry and this blog is the one place I can express my mind and my innermost feelings. I hope you get to know me better through this blog and I care about everyone here.

Thank you all for following this blog and for reading this blog without discarding me or my feelings. Feel free to comment at anytime in anyway you would like. Writing is my true passion and I hope to be an author one day.

Will be back with new material regularly, thanks for everything.

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