Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking Action Against Wrongs Committed

Be strong in everything you do,
Conquer all your obstacles.
Be an adult with your actions,
You cannot take them back.

Stand up to all the world's injustices,
Even when no one else will do so.
Your actions travel like a rapid fire,
Catching on a flammable object.

The unspoken need your voice,
To be saved from the evil doers.
Your booming stance is strong,
Stand up to all those wrong things.

If you do stand up and others do so,
There is no telling what we can change.
We all are responsible for ourselves,
Those against injustice must be united.

We can be brave and fight all those wrongs,
We won't do so for a cookie or a gold metal.
Our fight is simply for the love of humanity,
and our fight will never stop and go on forever.

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