Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Current Obsessions

As I have discussed at great length, I have had my addictions and overcame many of them. While I don't have any life threatening ones now, I still become obsessed with things very easily. Here are some current addictions/obsessions I have:

1. Coffee/diet soda - I love caffeine, helps me to have energy and stay awake. Also, I love the taste of coffee and diet soda. Have cut back to a diet soda or less a day now, but that has not been easy to do.

2. Big Bang Theory - All you have to do to see that is visit me on twitter, I talked a ton about this show tonight. Watching reruns of Big Bang Theory on TBS right now when I should be going to bed. I love the show, especially Sheldon. FYI my screen name on Twitter is punkedpoetess.

3. Food - I love eating it, cooking it, baking it, and all aspects of food really. Unfortunately I do not have the perfect body, but I work very hard to keep this obsession from making me a fat or too skinny person. In the past I have had eating disorder tendencies and still struggle with emotional/binge eating and wanting to starve myself at times. Luckily I am smarter now and mostly take care of myself. I will discuss my journey in this area in the future, this is a very difficult topic for me to talk about.

4. Running - While I prefer not to be a competitive runner I have found out, I like the "high" I get from running and do some running intervals and shorter runs a few times a week in addition to many other forms of exercise. Exercise in general is a major reason that I have been able to stay off antidepressants at the moment. I hope it keeps working since I hate the way my body reacts to antidepressants.

I am sure I have other obsessions, but these are my major ones today. Some of them change all the time, but most of these (especially #1 and #3) are mainstays of mine and I doubt are going anywhere. I hope this post entertained you all.

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