Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bi Polar Body Images

Sometimes when I look in the mirror,
I view my physical body as fat, ugly, and gross.
Even when I am thin and have lost weight,
There are times that I view myself this way.

Other times when I look in the mirror,
I see a pretty woman that is healthy and strong.
Those days I don't hate myself and how I look,
Since I look fine and see what I really look like.

I often wonder which image is real?
Am I fat and ugly or pretty and healthy?
The mirror is not an accurate judge,
The answer changes from day to day.

Really I should not care so much,
Yet my looks are important to me.
My values take a higher priority,
Yet I put a high value on my appearance.

I realize mentally that who I am matters,
but part of me is vain and overly rigid.
I need to be healthy, but not so critical.
Who I am is more important than the mirror.

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