Friday, March 9, 2012

Why I Must Say Goodbye to You

Friend, I really care about you and your wellbeing.
What you are doing to yourself worries me sick.
I have nightmares foretelling of your fatal fate.

I am grieving you and you are not even dead.
Your disturbing words and careless actions worry me.
Addictions are overtaking you and your life.

I miss the carefree times we used to share together.
The days before alcohol became your best friend.
We used to laugh and hang out without any drama.

You were the one person I could count on to be there.
The one person that accepted me for who I was.
This change in you leaves a burning hole inside of me.

You are no longer a reliable or trustworthy person.
You steal and lie to others without genuine remorse.
An empty "I'm sorry" will not solve everything.

I need you to change and be the person you can be.
So many talents and gifts are hidden in your mind.
Your afflictions and addictions are covering your worth.

I cannot be around you while you act so negatively.
Your destructive path is eating away at my mental state.
Until you get out of this pattern I need to let you go.

Goodbye, I love you very much and always have.
I hope I am not saying goodbye for all eternity.
I would like to see you again before you pass away.

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