Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Forget to Comment! - Something Scary is Here

For the giveaway so far, I am seeing a large amount of traffic but only a few comments. Remember that in order for a chance to win the book you want, you must leave a comment along with the name of the book you want if you win! Have fun and I hope you are enjoying my writing!

Here is a short, scary one for you all:

The undead walk among us,
Pale faces searching for food.
Who will they feed on next?
They can drink blood from anyone.

They come so slightly in the night,
That we would never hear them come.
They stalk their clueless victims,
And wait for the right moment.

Suddenly they grab their neck,
Making their mark like a hunter.
The victim cries out for mercy,
But the damage has already been done.

Hope you liked that short poem about the undead. Happy Halloween to you all, will be back with more posts as our Halloween Giveaway continues!

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